About Us

Established in 2007,  Winvow Optoelectronics Tech Co.,Ltd is a leading professional optical and mechanical designer and solution provider. Our core designing objects including lens, image, lighting, laser (laser system), projector light path, solar simulator light path, coating film system, etc. We aim to serve global customers with high efficiency, good quality, and economic cost as well as strictly protect your intellectual property and other related information.


Meanwhile, we manufacture and process optical parts, like aspherical lens, axis parabolic mirror, lens cone, die core of aspherical lens, etc with our American imported Five Axis CNC, South Kerean imported coating machine. We can manufacturer the item with customers drawing file or sample.

Winvow members are proud in groups of their professional and experienced people who are talents in optical engineering, measurement & control technology and precision machinery from China. These people are core resources for our company who receive elitist education from famous colleges at home and abroad with their master and doctor degrees, especially they love to work with brainstorm. In the past years, we have been successfully cooperating with military department, colleges, companies and research institution with our advantages in rich practical experiences in optical and mechanical field, technology focusing, and good market and relate products acknowledge. Winvow's team win customers’ trust and satisfaction by excellent designing concept, special and professional solutions, and easy production, etc. 

“Make it better and Make it perfect! “, we will fulfill your requirements as always out of your expectation!